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Hye Ran Seo, Senior Vice President, BC World Pharm. Won ‘Industrial Packaging Award’

Ms. Hye-Ran Seo, a senior vice president of BC World Pharm. Co., Ltd. (BCWP) and a director of Global Research Institute (GRI) won the Industrial Packaging Award for the technology development of industrial technology advocates at the '2017 Korea Industrial Technology R & D Competition and Technology Award' held on 16th at COEX, Seoul.
The '2017 Korea Industrial Technology R & D Competition and Technology Award' hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and sponsored by the Korea Industrial Technology Association and the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology and it is Korea's largest industrial technology awards ceremony which is held to promote the excellence of our technology and to build public consensus on the importance of industrial technology.
Since April 2007, Ms. Seo has been leading the R & D division as a CTO at BCWP. She has taken the lead in the development of the four core technologies of BCWP, thereby raising Korea's pharmaceutical technology to the advanced country level.
In order to launch global products, BCWP developed the first microsphere mass system being applied by SCADA system for the injection in Korea (construction of automatic aseptic manufacturing line for the whole process) and the EU-GMP (Europe) / cGMP (USA) standard manufacturing facility for mass production of long-term microsphere has been established, thus BCWP is about to enter the advanced pharmaceutical market.