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Acquires Preferential Sale Right in Fentanyl Sublingual Tab.

BC World Pharm (BCWP) has succeeded in patent challenge for fentanyl sublingual tab., an oral narcotic analgesic used in distress pain, and obtained preferential sale right in Narco sublingual tab. of fentanyl citrate ingredient on 15th.
As a result, despite the fact that the patents owned by the original developers remain until September 24, 2019, BCWP will be able to sell them exclusively for nine months until August 15, 2018.
'Narco subligual tab.' is an oral fentanyl preparation for the treatment of sudden pain in cancer patients. It is dissolved under the tongue without water. It is a formulation that can increase the ease of taking for cancer patients as well as the advantage of having analgesic effects within 10 minutes due to the characteristics of the sublingual.

On September 12, BCWP succeeded in avoiding patent at a trial of scope of rights for the composition patent of Menarini Korea’s ‘Abstral sublingual tab. (fentanyl citrate)’ by receiving a claim acceptance from Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board as a first case in Korea.

BCWP said, "with the introduction of licensed patent-linked system, it will be able to sell for 9 months exclusively after satisfying all of the initial licensing requirements and the first trial, which are the requirements for first sales item approval. We expect sales to be increased. "
BCWP is an innovative pharmaceutical company focused on DDS technology, a drug delivery technology, which is specialized in R & D. It utilizes its own research infrastructure to carry out patent challenges in its specialized fields. On November 1, the company succeeded in avoiding patent of antihistamine combination products, levocetirizine and pseudoephedrine.