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Best Performance Ever in 3rd Quater Cumulative Operating Profit of 3rd Quarter 30% Up

BC World Pharm. Co., Ltd. (CEO, Hong Sung Han) disclosed operating results for the third quarter of 2017 on October 31.
By the third quarter of this year, BCWP’s revenues increased by 10.9% to KRW 37.03 billion, while the operation profit of KRW 6.54 billion increased by 30.2%. The net profit of this term is increased by 19.3% to KRW 6.19 billion. The operating profit ratio is 17.6% and the net profit of this term ratio is 16.7%.

In the third quarter, revenues grew 12.7% year over year to KRW12.84 billion, while operating profit grew 25.2% year over year to KRW2.23 billion and net profit of this term rose 20.5% year over year to KRW2.23 billion.
On the other hand, BC World Pharm. is an innovative pharmaceutical company selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare for DDS technology. On October 30, Seong Jo Yang, chairman of the National Health and Welfare Committee and its standing committee members visited GRI center and had a meeting about R&D investment and global market entry.