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"Our sincere appreciation to business partners and shareholders with ongoing trust and love to BCWorld Pharm. Co., Ltd."

We, BCWorld Pharm. Co., Ltd. have dedicated our best effort in order to accomplish the vision of becoming 'esteemed global healthcare group focusing on R&D' since our establishment in 2006.

Recently, the transformative changes are taking place within the economic and social life due to COVID-19. We have not only introduced the speed management system which we take this crisis into opportunity to think ‘step ahead’ and act but also innovated the organization to respond to the rapid changes of the global management environment. In 2021, We will be operated with extended settings research laboratory by the move of the head quarter to a new building in Pangyo, Gyenggi-do as an initiation of a new leap of the company in the year of 2021. Furthermore, the ‘smart office’ will be arranged which is enable for us to make the rapid decision making by providing an intensive workspace to fucus on works or projects.

We have been made an effort to the family-oriented workplace within work and family since our establishment, and this effort resulted in being selected as ‘family-friendly company’ by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in 2020. To accommodate development of each employees, creation of the company’s exceptional accomplishment and to fulfill the happiness of family, the advanced management system has been being adopted.

All the members of the company will do our best to seek for a new future growth drive by coming out of the existed old frame and to lead healthcare industry in the nearest future. We will keep striving to be a leading group in the global pharmaceutical market with consistent investment of R&D and open innovation to reach where are heading for 'the improvement of the quality of healthy and pleased life of all human beings'

Again, representing to BCWorld Pharm. Co., Ltd., I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the esteemed business partners and shareholders and we will make BCWorld Pharm. Co., Ltd. a trustworthy company throughout our endeavor to come up to expectations.

Thank you.

BCWorld Pharm. Co., Ltd.
President/ CEO
Steve Hong