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(주)비씨월드제약 대표이사 홍성한
Highly respectable, R&D oriented Global Healthcare Group with DDS platform technology
Dear customers and stockholders.
Thank you for your continuous and unchanging love and interest in BCWorld Pharm.

BCWorld Pharm strengthened the basic to meet with the global standard for last 10 years via 'Aggressive R&D', 'Human resource development', and 'Corporation system and culture innovation'.
Instead of resting on our past success, we are preparing for next 10 years in order to become 'Highly Respectable Global Healthcare Group'. And base on it, we will continue our success DNA for Next 20 and 30 years.

BCWorld Pharm has already secured 4 DDS specialized platform technologies under the title of 'Global Healthcare Group who leads DDS (Drug Delivery System) technology'.
And, high portion of annual revenue is invested for R&D to develop monopoly and oligopoly products, IMDs, and niche buster products which are the products have high competitiveness in the market.

Also, BCWorld Pharm is leading globalization of business by preparing EU GMP / cGMP factory from the early stage. Based on it, we will contribute to enhance the value of Korea pharmaceutical industry by entering both advanced (US, Japan, etc.) and emerging countries.

BCWorld Pharm commit itself to become a 'Highly Respectable Global Healthcare Group' , which is recognized both at domestic and overseas through continuous R&D oriented management and human resource training.

Dear customers and stockholders!
I would appreciate your warm and generous encouragement and support in the future.

Thank you.